Made with Xara Deluxe Cross Heart Size 12”h x12”w x2”d A heart shaped puzzle with base that can be used for many different object lessons. The heart itself is divided into four pieces that can be used to represent many things in a person’s life. When assembled there is still a hole in the heart in the shape of a cross to represent that there is only one thing that can make the heart complete and fill the hole in a persons life. The cross, a symbol of Jesus’s love, can then be inserted into the empty spot in the heart making it whole not hole. The other side is solid with no hole so it can be used for just about any object lesson with four points. The Heart is Red with a glittered surface, the Base is Black with a glittered surface and the Cross is White. The Puzzle Heart stands 14" tall by 12" wide by 2" deep. (The heart is a combination of the Puzzle Heart and the Cross Puzzle heart.) Products 1 $125.00