Made with Xara Jesus Heart Puzzle Size 8”h x10.5”w x4”d $50.00 A heart shaped puzzle with base that can be used to show that there is only one thing that can  make the heart complete and fill the hole in a person’s life. The shapes can be used to show the bad things one might have in their life, such as money ( the E can look like an M and is green to denote money). When taken out, the letters can be positioned to spell “Jesus”, the  only thing that can fill the hle in the heart. The Heart is Red with a glittered surface, the Base is Black with a Glittered surface and the Letters are Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Orange. The Jesus Puzzle Heart comes in three sizes: Size 11”h x14”w x4”d $75.00 Size 14”h x18”w x4”d $100.00 Products 1 Sold Out Sold Out On Sale Now Sold Out