Where To Start page 2 Made with Xara What Materials should be used? At Dream Big Studios, our material of choice is Styrofoam, also known as EPS Expanded Poly Styrene.  It is lighter in weight if the items need to be moved around, easier to work with when it comes to shaping and finishing, and will not hurt as bad if it falls on you. Anything that can be made of wood, can be made of EPS foam with simple tools, and will look better when finished. It provides a greater dimensionality than wood at a lesser cost. A 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood will cost around $25.00, and to give it structure you will need wood strips to attach it to. The same size sheet of EPS Foam will cost about $30.00 and will not require additional support, making the cost of both about the same. As for printed materials, you can choose between wall paper, vinyl, Komotex,  and styrene. The cost factor of each differs some, but the main thing to consider is how much area is going to be covered.  For really large areas, used wall paper of vinyl, of for smaller pieces to attach to a wall you might want to use Komotex or styrene. How should my set be Constructed? There are two major construction types, Permanent and Temporary. A permanent construction is easier to maintain, and will last longer. If your going to be in one location for a long time, you would want to do a permanent construction. In this type of construction you would use brackets to hold things together, and glue pieces together that you would not do in a temporary construction, so there is no movement between pieces which can cause the piece to weaken over time. A more solid construction also makes the set function better as characters and puppets are used, as there is now movement if a door or window is opened. A temporary construction on the other hand uses hinges to hold things together, so that it can be dismantled easily just by pulling the pins of the hinges. This is important if you are using the set as a traveling set that you move from room to room or church to church. A temporary set is usually made to be lighter so it can be transported easier, and made to pack flatter so it doesn’t take up as much room in transport. Traveling sets are designed to be assembled and disassembled in very little time so they can be moved and reset quickly by anyone.