Determining the Area to be Themed. As you look at creating a theme for your room, remember that the area must be shared with the theme and the people using the room. A good rule of thumb is to theme no more than one third of the room. Theme along the walls to save floor space, as well as on the ceiling.  Theme pieces applied to the walls don’t interfere with the normal use of the room. Use free standing pieces only on a stage area or sound booth area. Doors that are not necessary for use as exits can be themed for puppet access and character entrance. You can also use theme pieces to help with the flow of traffic, to help maneuver the little ones where you need them to go. Hanging things from the ceiling will keep little hands from playing with the props when they are dangerous, or delicate. For that reason, if your theme is made from heavy materials, or sharp materials such as glass, plastics, or metals, you need to apply the theme pieces where little fingers cant get hurt. Where To Start Made with Xara Creating The Artwork. Once you decide on a theme, you will need to create artwork. Dream Big Studios has a number of artists with various styles that can help you create the artwork that you want for your particular theme, if you don’t already have an artist to create the artwork for you. If you do have an artist that can provide the artwork, Dream Big Studios will aid the artist in providing the art in the format needed to create the actual set. We can take your artwork and convert it to the appropriate formats for cutting foam, printing wall paper, or for what ever medium is needed for your theme. Determining your Budget. Everyone wants to spend the least amount of money and get the biggest and best set possible. There are a number of choices that can effect the total cost of the project. For example, the building materials will effect the cost as some materials cost more than others. Choosing 2D or 3D will change the overall price, as will the overall size of the project.